On Saturday July 1st at 8 PM the Folk Club of South Florida's Acoustic Underground Series will be presenting Rachel Faro at the Luna Star Cafe in North Miami.  This performance was originally scheduled for June 4th but like all things Miami the weather had other ideas.  After two days of torrential rains and flooded streets it seemed impractical to perform and so this show will happen instead as a kick-off to July 4th weekend!  Although Rachel customarily performs annually at the Luna Star, Miami's premier singer/songwriter/folk venue, her last performance there was back in October 2019.  After a two-year pandemic break she is thrilled to be back on-stage performing for a live audience.  She will be joined by percussionist Sammy Figueroa and virtuoso guitarist Zach Larmer.  

The Luna Star is an ALL CASH establishment.  Admission is free but donations for the music is highly recommended.


On the weekend of May 18th through 22nd Rachel flew to Kansas City to attend the Folk Alliance International Conference, a gathering of the tribes of singer/songwriters, folk musicians, archivists and activists.  Having spent most of the last twenty years in the world of jazz and Latin music it was a real homecoming for Rachel to be returning to her roots as an Americana folk/pop artist.  The theme of the conference was "Living Traditions" and in that spirit Rachel had put together a panel entitled "Que Viva La Musica: Living Traditions In Latin Music", with panelists such as Felix Contreras (NPR), Aurora Flores (Puerto Rico/Nuyorico), Magdelys Savigne (from the Cuban group OKAN) and Eugene Rodriguez (Mexico/S. California).  An energetic and spirited discussion of how various musical traditions were experienced in the home, the neighborhood and on special occasions occurred with Rachel moderating the conversation.  Additionally Rachel co-produced a Private Showcase room with Greg Kastelman from Unbound Artists.  Private Showcases at Folk Alliance are like a series of house concerts in hotel rooms with performances in the most intimate of circumstances, without amplification or loud drums.  The Rachel Faro/UnBound room was among the most poetic, with many electric candles, white Christmas lights, Tibetan prayer flags and a Persian rug.  Rachel had the opportunity to sing six showcases over three days -- so wonderful to share her own songs again -- and to share the room with other great artists such as Reggie Harris, Lilli Lewis, Max from House of Waters, Treya Lam and Barnaby Bright.


Since 2017 Rachel Faro has worked with the Faena Theatre in the Faena Hotel to produce a series of Jazz Concerts of emerging and established artists -- Jazzmeia Horn, Christian Sands, Matthew Whitacre, Brandon Goldberg, Sammy Figueroa and others have graced the Faena stage from 2017 through 2019.  After a two year absence, due to the all-pervasive pandemic, Rachel triumphantly returned producing a series of six shows with fantastic artists Robben Ford, Raul Midon, Miguel Zenon, Sammy Figueroa and Gonzalo Rubalcaba and Halie Loren.  The 2022 season set the stage for future shows and established the Faena Theater as South Florida's premier venue for experiencing the best in jazz.  As a producer, Rachel is grateful to her partners -- radio station WDNA, Steinway Piano and Miami Piano Center, Miami Strings, South Florida Jazz List and most of all the staff at the Faena Theatre for their professionalism and warmth.  Rachel is looking forward to January through June 2023 now that live music is back!


Previous events

As You Are: Living In The Moment

 —  —

New York Shambhala Center Online

"The past is a fantasy and the future is a dream." In this Tuesday Dharma Gathering Rachel will address 'nowness'. All we really ever have is the very moment and yet our minds spend most of the time either projecting plans for the future or regretting or reminiscing the past. We will spend time this evening actually "as we are" and sharing our insights and experience of this practice.

Discovering Elegance: Art In Everyday Life

 —  —

New York Shambala Center Online, Zoom link is provided after registration

This Tuesday evening Dharma Gathering addresses how meditation practice enhances grace and artistry in our everyday lives. By being present and awake the natural grace of things begin to arise and our actions regarding colors, shapes, smells and sounds such as cooking, arranging our homes, working and other functions become artistic and elegant.

$5 - $20 (no one is turned away for lack of funds)

Rachel is producer of the 4th Annual Faena Jazz Series. On this evening we are very proud to present two of today's most important emerging jazz artists. Singer Samara Joy is the winner of the 2019 Sarah Vaughn Vocal Jazz Competition and Jazz Times #1 Best New Artist. Pasquale Grasso is an extraordinary guitarist from Italy who currently makes his home in New York City.

$55 - $175


Jim PepperFest 2018: Making The Invisible Visible

Park Rose High School, Portland OR

Jim Pepper was a First Nations jazz sax player from Portland Oregon and a great friend of mine. His most famous work was the song 'Wichi Tai To", recorded by many including myself. This event is a combination jazz concert and native arts festival in his honor. I, along with several other of his friends, shall be performing this song.

Rachel Faro and Sammy Figueroa are curating and hosting South Florida's premier jazz series, presenting the best emerging artists in jazz. This evening we present Grammy nominee Jazzmeia Horn, considered to be the premier jazz vocalist of her generation. Jazzmeia is the winner of both the Sarah Vaughn Jazz Vocalist Competition and the Thelonious Monk Jazz Vocalist Competition.


Fundraiser for Dana Balter

 —  —

New York NY

Join the Blue Wave and support one of New York State's most progressive candidates for Congress. Help make a difference!

In 1989 Rachel discovered Satan and Adam on the streets of Times Square. She was able to produce two classic albums with them and have them released on Flying Fish/Rounder Records. After almost 30 years of documenting their story, director V. Scott Balcarek unveils this film, in which Rachel is interviewed and shown in the recording studio with the group.