1. Windsong


Windsong (words & music Rachel Faro; Sky Dwelling Songs BMI)

Last night I stood upon a hill and listened to the wind
And I thought I heard it whisper. It said
‘Everything in my life has blown away again’
And it made my senses shiver.
And yes there were gardens of food and flowers
And maidens trapped in beauty in the night
And now there are telephones and radios and planes
And it’s on another wind we ride
Listen to the wind, to the wind; listen to the wind, to the wind

Now I know that you have been inside the belly of the beast
And returned to tell the story
And me I have been dwelling in the wilderness of love
And still seek sanctuary
Winds of karma, flinging us apart out into this world so wide
Winds of passion, rising in our hearts; oh together we shall ride
Ride upon the wind, on the wind; we’ll be riding on the wind, on the wind

Wind of heaven, wind of dreams, wind of inspiration
Winds of warning, winds of change
Sweeping through the nations
Wind of power, wind of love, wind of hope and fear
Wind of healing, feel the world breathing
Oh winds of peace come near
Let us ride upon the wind, on the wind; let us ride upon the wind, on the wind.